We ended the year by continuing our fundraising activity in support of Children with Cancer but specifically to support Finnley’s Warriors who following Finnley’s own battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer now raise funds for Children With Cancer, As a team of 21 we signed up for the London Marathon 2019 and set a target of £50,000 to be raised for this amazing charity.

By January 2019 we had already raised £18,000 for this cause, as of May 2019 after running the London Marathon, we have exceeded our target and raised over £70,000.

The Awards are an excellent way to ‘put something back’ into the community whilst gaining a great level of exposure through our cost-effective marketing packages. If you are interested in finding out more on how your organisation can get involved in the 11th/12th Annual Awards please email mostaque@ciluton.co.uk to receive a sponsorship brochure.

Sponsor an Award

For businesses and organisations within Luton & Bedfordshire, supporting the Community Awards is a great way of supporting the local community and has instant tangible benefits noticeable for those involved.
In a continuously tough economic environment, the Community Awards has benefited many previous sponsors in gaining exposure and increased customer awareness through our various marketing and promotional channels of the Awards.

We would like to welcome organisations with an opportunity to sponsor one of our amazing categories and join a cohort of local well-established and reputable firms in getting involved with the Community Awards. We have a number of exceptional sponsorship and package deals available for organisations to support this year.

The Awards are an excellent way to ‘put something back’ into the community whilst gaining a great level of exposure through our cost-effective marketing packages. If you are interested in finding out more on how your organisation can get involved in the 11th/12th Annual Awards please email Mostaque@ciluton.co.uk to receive a sponsorship brochure.


Our nominations will reopen for the 20/21 community awards a date is yet to be confirmed when they will reopen. Keep up to date with us on our social platforms. Please also take some time to read over our nomination guidlines & Terms & Conditions.

Award Categories


Judges will seek to recognise any young person under 18 who has overcome a personal difficulty or made a stand to improve their life or the lives of others. For example young people coping with bereavement, bullying, disability or medical problems, or someone who has organised support for others who face such problems.


Do you know someone, or a group or company, who provides outstanding service way above what might be expected? Then this award is for them. Tell us how they operate, and what it is about their service that is so outstanding and makes them way above average for customer care.


The judges are looking for a project that has triumphed in the community. Supporting local people whether on a one-to-one basis or as a group – maybe a community centre with projects that have had long-lasting impact on the community. All the better if they have managed on a shoe-string or achieved results despite facing challenges


The judges will want to hear about commercial organisations which provide added value to the communities they serve. Do they support a local charity in some way, sponsor a football team, never fail to show up at community events? Don’t forget companies that have high standards when it comes to reducing their environmental impact, or who promote the green agenda to customers and the community.


The award will go to the group who has done the most for charity this year. Perhaps you know an outstanding charity group, a tireless group of fund raisers, or a charity who deserves the award for raising funds and delivering charity work over a long period?.


Tell the judges about someone who strives to achieve their best at work, in their studies, in sport or in their community. We especially welcome nominations for people who do their very best despite having to overcome difficulties.


You can directly nominate someone for this award, but the judges will also look at nominees in other categories who may fit the bill in their opinion. This award must go to someone who has made an outstanding difference to their life, community, family, school or organisation. If they did it against all the odds, they could be our winner!


This award is especially for anyone who has worked tirelessly and constantly for the benefit of others for 20 years or more. It could be a volunteer, fundraiser, community leader, charity supporter or business person. What matters is they have devoted a significant number of years to the activity and you feel they deserve special recognition for their efforts.


Judges will be looking for the person, group or business that has done the most to work in harmony with others to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion with the aim to positively discourage discrimination. Of particular interest are initiatives around networking and mutual support between local projects and business where the benefits are for the whole town, crossing community lines and involving people from all backgrounds and sectors.


Our winner will be someone who selflessly devotes themselves to a cause. It doesn't have to be normal volunteering, although it could be. Perhaps our volunteer champion runs a kids football team, organises neighbourhood watch, is a hospital visit or on the board of school governance? Please enter them in this category if they provide an invaluable, unpaid service to the community.


Is your neighbour one in a million? is the person living down the street from you a true gem? We're looking for those ordinary people we know are on every street who you simply wouldn't manage without. We want to hear about them!


Do you know a teacher or parent who has really stepped up to help educate young people? This can be through formal or informal learning, school based or home schooling. The judges will be looking for someone who has supported young people to overcome educational challenges. Judges would be particularly pleased to hear directly from young people.


The first of our new categories for 20/21, this award will recognise an individual whose actions, empathy, unstinting support or supreme effort during lockdown and beyond has been of significant help to someone or a number of people in their community. We know that there have been many people out there helping others who has stepped out and stood out as your community hero?


This award recognises the same kind of effort, love and kindness of the previous award however here judges want to hear about a group in your community who have pulled together to provide help and support for the vulnerable in their community. We want to hear about your community Covid champions


It's not just doctors or nurses who have had an even more stressful job this year. Throughout our community are vast numbers of carers and foster parents who have helped to protect and look after, often very vulnerable people. Lockdown and shielding had a huge impact on many lives and made providing a high standard of care even more of a challenge. Who do you know who has helped mark the lives of others a little easier, who has provided care above and beyond?


Doctors and nurses; professionals dedicated to helping those in need - and never more so than during the coronavirus pandemic. They have been there at the coalface, showing immense bravery and unparalleled commitment to their work. We want to recognise those special people whose care, attention and commitment have gone beyond the call of duty, who have shouldered the heavy responsibility with spirit, good humour and devotion. Who do you know who is truly a masked healthy care hero?


This award will celebrate and formally recognise the creative talent, skills and abilities of an exceptional person in Luton, Bedfordshire. They may be performing on stage, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, acting, or maybe they are exhibiting their art, sculpture or publishing their digital music/mixes. Alternatively, they may have developed amazing graphic design, fashion, textiles, furniture or craft. We are looking for exceptional arts and creative talent in an individual so that this award can help them step up and succeed in creative career services.